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"Share the Beauty of Amberwood"
Greeting Cards
All photos - Copyright John N Edkins
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Landscapes (Horizontal)
Landscapes (Vertical)
1. If you would like to order cards or enlargements, please contact John Edkins at edkinsjn@gmail.com

2. 25% of all Amberwood photo sales revenues go to the Amberwood Clubhouse Refurbishment Project

3. Each card is identified by an alphanumeric (e.g. H7 is a horizontal-format card; V2 is a vertical-format card)

4. Sample order:  H1 - 6 cards, H4 - 4 cards, V7 - 2 cards

5. Prices:  6 cards for $20, or $4 each

6. The cards are 5" x 7" and come with envelopes

7. I also sell JPEG files and prints.  Most photos are available as enlargements

8. To view all the photos in the Amberwood collection,
follow this link
Amberwood Wildlife